Your tasks at your fingertips

Task tracking, issue management, help desk, etc. — handle any workflow!
Board View
Board View
  • drag-and-drop ticket management
  • custom ticket colors
  • custom color tags and tags filter
  • quick search-filter by any field (even custom)
  • ticket image cover
  • and more...
List View
List View
Alternative table-view of the tickets:
  • unified Notes & Files area across all tickets
  • quick search-filter by any field (even custom)
  • sort by any column
  • access archived tickets
  • hide/show columns (including custom fields)
To see tickets and notes across all projects — check Dashboard View
Ticket View
Ticket View
  • ticket details (with custom fields support)
  • notes and files area
  • threaded discussions
  • integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Firefly, SpiderScribe
  • email notifications (with email reply capturing)
Workflow Designer
Workflow designer
Customize the workflow for each project:
  • add, remove, reorder the stage-columns
  • set optional limits of tickets per stage (WIP)
Team Roles
Team Roles
Customize access rights to each project:
  • edit roles and add custom ones
  • assign people to different roles
  • define the level of access for each role
  • define default rules for people not assigned to any roles
Ticket Form Designer
Ticket Form Designer
Customize ticket fields for each project — take advantage of smartQ power of flexibility.
  • simple drag-and-drop ticket form builder
  • text, number, choice and date type custom fields
  • required fields, default values, values range and field hints
  • one or two column fields layout
Project Performance Report
General and Project Performance reports features:
  • multiple ticket filters
  • project and ticket level statistics
  • cumulative/burn down and bottlenecks graphs
  • ticket notes
  • CSV/Excel export and print view
External Access
External Access
External Access allows anybody, not just registered users, to submit tickets:
  • submit tickets to smartQ through email or external form
  • External Users access their tickets through a simplified interface
  • Tickets from the same email can be viewed together
Ideal for a simple Help Desk, Help Center, Issue Tracking, etc.
External Users DO NOT count towards your plan
Automate your workflows via Rules by combining conditions like:
  • ticket creation
  • ticket moved to a stage or project
  • no ticket activity
  • ticket time spent in a stage
  • matching main ticket fields values
...with actions like:
  • color ticket
  • send combined email alert
  • add tags
  • assign to people
  • archive

Also available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices

  • access your smartQ account on the go
  • Board View with drag-and-drop
  • Ticket View with custom fields
  • include archived tickets
  • post notes and attach files
iPhone, iPad and Android apps
smartQ is available in ten languages
Available in 11 languages
smartQ is trusted by companies around the world and is available in many languages.
smartQ Universal Importer
Universal Importer
Import Tickets and Users from CSV / Excel files or 5pm.
smart integrates with email
Email integration
Interact with emails in both directions. Send email notifications from smartQ or send emails to smartQ to create tickets, add files and notes, etc.
smartQ integrates with other tools
Integration with other tools
smartQ integrates with Office 365, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive , Box and more...
Office 365 integration
Microsoft integration
OneDrive for file storage, Outlook Add-in to create tickets from emails easier, and Office 365 login.
G Suite
Google integration
G Suite app, Gmail Add-on, Google Drive integration, Google login.
Slack integration
Slack integration
smartQ integrates with Slack instant messaging and collaboration system for teams.
Alexa integration
Alexa integration
Navigate your workload and add new tickets via voice using Amazon's Alexa.
8am integration
8am Calendars
With smartQ and 8am you get a workflow management and CRM bundle. Display smartQ tickets in a 8am calendar view!
Firefly integration
Firefly Design Annotation
If you are working with visual projects — Firefly allows you do add annotations right on top of your designs, that can be linked to smartQ tickets.
SpiderScribe integration
SpiderScribe Mind Mapping
SpiderScribe is great for brainstorming ideas — post to smartQ mind maps creted in SpiderScribe!
BigCommerce integration
BigCommerce integration
BigCommerce is a e-commerce platform for online stores, and smartQ can help manage all your orders in one place.
smartQ open API
Open API
Expand and integrate smartQ with your other tools using our open API.
orange5 Development Partners

orange5 Development Partners

Looking for integrations of your other tools with smartQ? Need to build custom reports or apps on top of smartQ API? Need an iOS, Android or Windows Mobile app? Or have an idea for a brand new tool for your business?

Consider orange5 — our development partners that work closely with us to provide custom solutions for our clients.

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