How to use smartQ

Alternative ways to submit tickets

Email and Form tickets settings

Besides submitting tickets through the main interface, you can also submit them through emails or external form. Those tickets will be placed into the default project (defined through the Options>Main Settings and accessible only to Account Administrators):

If the tickets are submitted from emails not belonging to any registered smartQ users in your account, the External Access rules will apply [read more].
External Access settings

When forwarding an email, the ticket will be created by the person doing the forward. If you want the original sender to be the creator - you have to indicate the forwarding email address in "Forward emails through" field. Use this field if you are using an auto-forwarding email address (people send an email to your forward email box, and it forwards those emails to smartQ).

The project the tickets created through email or external form will be posted into is called the Default Project – it is marked with bold in the projects dropdown and is placed on the top of the list:

Default Project

You can also email tickets into any other project, not just the default one. To do that, you simply have to send the email to the specific project email address located on project's Settings > Project Into screen:

Emaling tickets into specific projects

Creating Tickets through Email

Creating tickets through email is very simple – you just email a ticket to - the subject will become the ticket title, the body will become the description and any attached files will be attached to the ticket.

Creating ticket from email
When you receive any ticket notifications to your email, you can simply reply to those emails and your answers will be posted to the ticket Notes area.

Creating Tickets through External Form

Tickets can be also created through an external form (it can be also placed on your website) - use the link from the Options>Main Settings to get to it.

External Form

Tickets created through email or external form are treated the same as any other tickets.