G Suite
smartQ for G Suite
Works with your favorite tools from Google

smartQ is also available on G Suite Marketplace! It also works with G Suite For Business — you will be able to add your team to smartQ in no time.

smartQ for G Suite
Google Drive
Google Drive integration
Attach Google Drive files to smartQ tickets

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that enables you to keep files and pictures online. Simply attach your Google Drive files to smartQ tasks to make document collaboration even easier.

Fully customizable, web-based, and mobile-accessible, this has saved us literally, tens of thousands of dollars...
Adɐm Johnson
lead photog & studio owner, Brockit Inc., Michigan
Gmail Add-on
Create tickets directly from your Gmail emails

Select any email, then select a smartQ project to send it to. A new ticket will be added to that project, with all information contained in the email, including file attachments.

Gmail Add-on

You can install the add-on via G Suite Marketplace.

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Google login
Use your Google account to login into smartQ

Tired of remembering multiple logins? Now you can also use your existing Google account to login into smartQ (even if it uses a different email address).

Google 365 login