How to use smartQ

Import data into smartQ

Import CSV & Excel data

You can import Tickets from custom CSV, Excel files or Google Sheets. The importing function is located in the "options" menu on the top.

Only Account Administrators can access this feature.

When you import the file data, make sure you select the correct field separation values and date format. If you make a mistake, you will be able to return to the first step of the import and make the corrections.

Universal Importer. Step 1.

Below is a very simple example of a list of Tickets to be imported:

import csv

smartQ will try to detect the type of data in your columns using the data format and the header names (if present). Adding the column headers helps smartQ to detect the fields types. Below are listed the reserved names for all the possible fields that can be imported:

Field Name(s) Possible Values Default value Required
Name, Title, Task Name, Task_Name, Topic any text "-" yes
Stage "Submitted","Assigned","Work Started","Completed","Approved" "Submitted" no
Start, Start Date, Start_Date, StartDate, Starts, Begins, Begin possible formats: mm/dd/yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy
allowed separators: ,(comma) .(dot) /(slash) -(minus)
current date no
End, End Date, End_Date, Deadline, Ends, Finish, Finish_Date, EndDate, Due Date possible formats: mm/dd/yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy
allowed separators: ,(comma) .(dot) /(slash) -(minus)
- no
Description, Desc, Notes, Details any text - no
Owner, User, User Name, Owner Name, Created By, Created user in format : "John Smith" the person doing the import no (this user have to exist already in smartQ)
Team List, Assigned To, Teams, Users, Team Members users in format : "John Smith", separated by commas - no (those users have to exist already in smartQ)
Star "0", "1", "2" or "3" 0 no
Archived "Yes", "No" "No" no
Notify, Notify by email "Yes", "No" "No" no
Tag, Tags any text - no
new any other column name any text - no

Do not worry getting the data totally right at the first try. At the second step of the import, smartQ will give you the possibility to re-map your fields to the correct values.

newYou can also map columns to custom ticket fields in smartQ (if you added those via Ticket Form Designer).

List View

new You also can import all the unmapped fields into the Description field in smartQ.

At the next step you will see the info about the data that is going to be imported, and also any field errors. You can always go to the previous steps and correct the data in the file or re-map the fields.

Only after you confirm the import the data will actually be imported into smartQ. This final step is irreversible!