smartQ for Alexa Skill
Amazon Alexa integration
Use voice interaction with smartQ

You can now use Alexa voice commands to do quick interactions with smartQ.

smartQ for Alexa Skill

You can get the projects list, the tickets list — all of them, or the ones from a specific column, or just the ones assigned to you, or the ones due tomorrow, etc. You can also quickly add tickets with a simple "Add new ticket" command.

To get the list of all the commands (to be extended), simply say "Alexa, Help" once you opened the skill with "Alexa, open smartQ".

smartQ for Alexa Skill

smartQ Alexa skill also takes full advantage of the new generation of devices with screen, like Amazon Echo Show, with rich visual layouts and touch screen interactions.

You can install the skill and link it to your smartQ account via Amazon Alexa Skills store.

?Check Alexa Help on this feature