Creating tickets via Email

You can create tickets in smartQ via email — see "Options/Main Settings" for details (Admin access required).

smartQ email to tickets setting

You simply have to send an email to

creating ticket from email

Tickets also can be created via email by users not registered in smartQ — check External Access for details.


Creating tickets via a Form

You can also create tickets via a form — see "Options/Main Settings" for details (Admin access required).

creating tickets via a form

The form is located at You can also get the form code to embed it into your website.

This feature is most powerful together with External Access, as it allows non-registered users to create smartQ tickets. For example, you can place a form on your website to collect requests from your website visitors (that are not even registered in your smartQ account) and create tickets in smartQ from them.

?Check smartQ Help on this feature