smartQ + Slack integration

Slack is an instant messaging and collaboration system for teams.

With smartQ and Slack integration you can manage your projects like never before:

  • Connect a Slack room with a smartQ project (or all projects)
  • Get updates from your projects and tasks in real time in Slack
  • Run Slack commands to get the list of your tasks, add a comment to a task or close it, create a new task and more!

Slack integration

To connect Slack and smartQ:

  • Go to the "options" screen and click "Link to Slack"
  • Follow the steps to connect a Slack channel
  • Once inside the Slack channel, use "/smartQ help" to get a list of smartQ commands
  • To change the alert setting and other Slack integration options use "options" screen in smartQ.

Each of your team users that want to use Slack integration will have to connect to the Slack team's channel via smartQ "options" screen.

?Check smartQ Help on this feature
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