If you are dealing with designs, you can share and discuss them with your team in Firefly, then easily post your designs into smartQ.

Firefly is an easy to use design annotation and collaboration tool. It allows teams to easily share designs, add annotations directly on top of them and even create quick prototypes.

Firefly Integration

Adding Firefly designs is easy, just use the notes panel in smartQ:

Attaching a Firefly screens

You will be able to see Firefly design previews in the notes:

Firefly screen in a smartQ ticket

Firefly designs can also become a ticket cover image:

Firefly screen as a ticket cover

With Firefly you can:

  • Share pictures, mockups and existing web pages with your team
  • Add comments, attachments, drawings
  • Create conversations around your designs
  • Add new versions
  • Mark completed design tasks
  • Link screens to create fast prototypes to present your concepts

By using Firefly in combination with smartQ you can handle design discussions in Firefly's visual environment, while simply linking Firefly screens to smartQ tickets. For example, if you are redesigning a website, or dealing with print design or photography, Firefly + smartQ combination will help you handle it efficiently, without overloading smartQ with multiple screenshots and design comments.

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