Event Planning

Easily organize all stages of an event, from planning to post-event tasks, keeping your priorities in check.

Template Event Planning

smartQ event planning template is like your event planning assistant. It's a visual task board where you move sticky notes through the stages of an event. Whether you're planning a corporate retreat or a work event, it keeps everything organized, color-coded, and on track. With a quick glance, you know what's done and what's left to do, reducing chaos and ensuring a smooth event.

  • Conference Organization
  • Product Launch
  • Trade Shows
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Charity Fundraisers
  • Workshops and Training
  • Exhibitions and Expos
  • Tech Hackathons
  • etc.
We have tried several different project management applications over the years, and smartQ is by far the best we have used.
David Hays
Manager at Cornerstone IT Consulting