How to use smartQ

smartQ + BigCommerce integration

Using smartQ with BigCommerce

If you have an online store in BigCommerce, you can use smartQ as an easy order management tool.

Our BigCommerce project template matches order statuses and custom fields from your online store:

BigCommerce Board View

When a new order is placed in your BC store, a corresponding ticket is created in smartQ, in your BC linked board.

The ticket is placed into the column that matches the order status. When a ticket status is modified in BC, it is automatically moved in smartQ as well.

There is a large list of order statuses in BigCommerce, so, to simplify the flow, we only included the important ones in our BC board template: Awaiting Fulfillment, Incomplete, Awaiting Shipment, Partially Shipped, Shipped, Awaiting Pickup, Partially Refunded, Refunded/Canceled, Disputed and Completed.

If there is no column (status) in smartQ matching the BC order status, the ticket is placed in the first column. This is why it is important to have your first column corresponding to new tickets. When an order changes status in BC and there is no matching column in smartQ, it simply does not move.

You can change your columns order in Board View, as long as the first column is corresponding to new tickets (so it can not be the "Incomplete" one, for example). You can also delete the columns (statuses) that you do not use. Or you can fold the columns that you use less (like the "Incomplete" and "Disputed" ones) to save space.

smartQ tickets in BigCommerce project template contain custom fields matching the values of BC orders, like "Order Id", "Order Amount", customer information, etc. Description contains the order details, like the list of ordered products. The Notes area in the right panel contains the order changes logs (when logs are enabled) in BC.

BigCommerce Ticket (Order) View

You can remove the BC-linked custom fields that you do not use, or add new ones to capture extra information about orders.

You can also use the List View to view your orders:

BigCommerce List View

Same as you can customize which fields to show in Board View (Order name, description, creation time and amount, by default), you can also customize your fields (columns) in List View.

smartQ integration allows you to easily manage your BigCommerce orders from smartQ. You can combine it with other smartQ features, like Automation, to improve your workflow.

BigCommerce + smartQ integration

Setting up BigCommerce integration

For new users:

1. Go to BigCommerce store website and locate smartQ app:

2. Click "Get this app" button and login into your existing BigCommerce store (or create a new one). Follow the instructions.

3. Click "Complete Setup":

BigCommerce + smartQ integration

4. Create your smartQ account:

BigCommerce + smartQ integration
5. You will be logged into your smartQ account and you will see an empty board:

BigCommerce + smartQ integration

This board will display orders created in BigCommerce.

As soon as an order is created in BigCommerce — it will appear on the board as a ticket. If the order status changes in BigCommerce — it will move on the board to the corresponding column. If you move a ticket/order in smartQ to another column — it will modify the status in BC. The integration works both ways. Fields like pricing, etc. are only updated in BC.

To check your smartQ + BigCommerce setting via Settings / Project Info:

BigCommerce + smartQ integration

To get help with smartQ + BigCommerce integration, email us at:

Each store is different and extra customizations are available on demand via our integration partners at orange5.

Read more about it here:

For existing users

Simply create a new board (project) and select the BigCommerce template for it, then follow the directions.