How to use smartQ

Advanced Access Management and Logging

Need more control over who and from where can access your smartQ site? Advanced Access Management and Logging can add an extra layer of access control (besides SSL-encoded login/password). You can access this feature through options / Access Control and Access Log tabs on the top of your smartQ site.

Only Account Administrators can access this feature.

Firstly - through Access Logs tab - it lets you track who, when and from where is logging in or trying to log in into your smartQ site:

Access Logs

It also includes the failed log in attempts - either due to wrong login information or due to restricted geographical location.

Secondly - through Access Control tab - you can restrict the geographic locations that are allowed to access your smartQ site (after a successful login) - either by country or even IPs:

Access Control
Administrators are not restricted by those settings and can log in from anywhere (but we can restrict them too on your request).

This is an advanced feature - make sure you double check the settings. You can not block yourself from accessing your smartQ site, since Administrators are not affected by these restrictions (and only Administrators can access these settings), but if your users will try to log in from geographical places outside the ones listed in settings - they will get a message about it.

This feature restricts access not only to the full web version of smartQ, but also to the iPhone app.

While this feature is less useful to highly mobile teams - through you can still limit access broadly by a set of countries - companies that require a much more strict access management to their smartQ site now have a tool to monitor and restrict access down to an IP range.