How to use smartQ

Gmail Add-on

Using smartQ for Gmail

With smartQ for Gmail Add-on you can create tickets from emails with a few clicks!

After you install the add-on (see instructions below), you will see smartQ button in Gmail on the ribbon on the right edge:

Gmail Add-on

With an email selected, clicking the "smartQ" button opens the "Create new ticket" form. You can adjust the ticket name and description, set the deadline, choose the project/board it will be posted to and assign yourself to the team. Click "Submit" to create the ticket.

Gmail add-on form

After the ticket is created you will see a confirmation message with the link to the ticket.

Email subject will become the ticket name and the email body — the ticket description. All attachments will be automatically linked to the ticket.

Gmail attachments added to the ticket will be uploaded to your Google Drive, and links to them posted into smartQ. The files will be placed into the folder called "smartQ shared files". Do not delete this folder from Google Drive. Limitations of Google API do not allow files to be uploaded directly to smartQ. But if you need to do that, simply create the tickets by manually forwarding your emails to the smartQ ticket email.

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Installing smartQ for Gmail Add-on

To install smartQ Add-on click on Settings icon located on the top right in Gmail, and then click "Get add-ons":
Gmail Add-on on G Suite Marketplace
It will open G Suite Marketplace — simply locate the "smartQ for Gmail" add-on there and install it.