How to use smartQ

FAQs and Tips

  1. You can include tags in your search string by placing them between "[" and "]" characters. For example, search by "[bug]" will look for tickets with the "bug" tag assigned to them. You can combine tag search with word search, like: "[bug] [css] IE9" - will search for tickets that contain "bug" AND "css" tags AND "IE9" keyword. This is just an alternative way to the tags filter available on the top of Board View and List View.
  2. To see the latest communication notes across all tickets - use List View and select "All Active Tickets" on the top.
  3. To see the Archived tickets - use List View and switch from "All Active Tickets" to "All Archived Tickets".
  4. Adding team members - when using the search box, you can enter multiple keywords separated by commas.
  5. Printing tickets - simply use your browser print function (CTRL+P) in Ticket View or List View to print out tickets - it will use a print-friendly layout.
  6. How to hide entire projects from other people - use the Settings tab, then Project Team, and edit the Everybody Else role - drag the slider all the way to the left, until you will see a message about this project being hidden from anybody not added to other roles.
  7. smartQ is available in ten languages: English, Spanish, Brazilian (Portuguese), German, Italian, French, Russian, Czech, Dutch and Chinese.
  8. How do I cancel my smartQ subscription?
    If you are subscribed with a credit card - use "my account" link on the top. It contains the cancellation link.

    If you are subscribed via PayPal - you can cancel your smartQ subscription at any time directly through your PayPal account. In order to do that:

    1. Login into your PayPal account.
    2. Locate one of the payments made to smartQ (comes from Disarea LLC). Open it.
    3. On the payment info page, on the top, you will see the link to the subscription plan details
    4. On the subscription page details there is a link on the bottom "Cancel Subscription".

    After you cancel, you will still be able to access your smartQ account till the end of the paid period. If you need any assistance, please contact us directly.