How to use smartQ

Outlook Add-in

Using smartQ for Outlook

With smartQ for Outlook you can create tickets from Outlook emails with a few clicks!

smartQ for Outlook is currently available for Outlook 2013 (except on Windows 7), Outlook 2016 (except on MacOS) and Outlook on the web (all modern browsers are supported, including Safari).

After you install the add-in (see instructions below), you will see smartQ button on Home Ribbon in desktop version of Outlook (Outlook 2016 shown below):

Outlook add-in (desktop)

On web version of Outlook you will see "smartQ" link on the top of each email:

Outlook add-in (web)

Select an email and open the add-in — you will see the login window:

Outlook Add-in Login
If the login attempt fails without errors and you are redirected back to the home screen — check your browser cookies settings to make sure they are not blocked for this website.

After you login, select the project name from the list:

Outlook Add-in — select the project

... then click "Send Ticket to Project" and the ticket will be created in your smartQ account. Email subject will become ticket's name, email body will become ticket's description and any attachments will be copied into the ticket as well:

Outlook Add-in — select the project

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Installing Outlook Add-in

Outlook add-ins are mini applications that extend Outlook functionality.

Depending on your version of Outlook, the add-ins are managed in different ways.

In Outlook 2016 you can install add-ins via "Store" button on the Outlook Home Ribbon:

Outlook 2016

In Outlook 2013 you have to click "File" in the menu on the top, then "Manage add-ins", and you will see this screen:

Outlook 2013

In web version of Outlook or you have to click the gear icon near the top right, then look for the "Manage add-ins" link:

Outlook on the Web

Simply locate the add-in by its name — "smartQ" — and turn it on.

smartQ add-in