How to use smartQ

Interface Overview

Board View

This the main screen that displays tickets placed in columns which represent steps of a defined process. You move tickets from left to right as they go through those stages, until they reach the final one.

Board View
Board View

Ticket View

Ticket View contains ticket details and also a Notes and Files area for communicating with your team.

Ticket View

If you need to split a ticket into multiple actions, you can add a list of Tasks to it:

Ticket Tasks

Tasks list is shared with other users and they can edit it if they have the rights to edit the ticket. Some tips:

  • You can rearrange the tasks order with drag-and-drop
  • Press Enter for quick task save
  • You can hide closed tasks to save space
  • Total number of tasks and the number of tasks completed for each ticket is displayed in Board and List views
  • To add multiple tasks at the same time just type all of them together (or paste them in), each one in a separate line (use CTRL+Enter or Shift+Enter for a line break)

Note: Tasks list is not visible to External Users.

List View

List View is an alternative to Board View and shows your tickets in a flat list style. The Notes and Files area is also included, and you can also see all the communications across all the tickets - latest on the top.

List View

Dashboard View

Dashboard View is similar to List View inside projects, but it shows tickets across all projects, not just one.

Dashboard View

Project Settings - Info

Project Info is the first of the four settings pages that let you customize each project.

Project Info

Project Settings - Workflow Designer

You can add and customize each stage of your workflow.

Project Workflow Designer

Project Settings - Team Roles

For each project you can define the Team Roles, assign people to them, and define their access rights. You can even define default access rights that will apply to all the other people that are not included in any roles.

Project Team Roles

Project Settings - Ticket Form Designer

You can add custom fields to your tickets, re-arrange them, define the required ones, list the choices and the default values and more!

Project Ticket Designer

Project Performance Report

Generate Cumulative/Burndown and Bottleneck graphs, filter tickets by dates and people and export them into CSV (Excel).

Project Performance Report