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W&G Development
W&G Development

We are a real estate development and property management company specializing in medical office buildings.

W&G Management
Industry: Real Estate Development and Property Management
Team size: 6
Location: Eugene, OR
Customer Since: July 2012

Why smartQ?

We manage more than 300k ft² with many tenants and different practice types. We use smartQ to manage service requests and small remodeling projects.

We started using smartQ because service requests were continually falling through the cracks. Paper forms didn't work well for us, because our team is not centralized and not all employed by the same company. We considered using something like Google Sheets, but it was too unstructured and ​doesn't have the automatic notification capability. We poked around on the web looking for a solution that was simple and easy to use, cloud based, scalable and affordable. After test driving several options, we settled on smartQ and have been using it for more than five years with good results.​

smartQ Board View
After test driving several options, we settled on smartQ and have been using it for more than five years with good results

We need a system that is available to all of our users which includes our managers, our main client, and our key service providers. ​ Information and ticket status is available to all relevant stakeholders via the web-based interface and database which allows rapid and universal access. ​ The customizable ticket and board design enables us to add fields and tags that make searching and tracking easy as well as refining the work flow tracking.​

smartQ Ticket Designer

What features you use the most

The ability to attach pictures and documents to notes is something we find valuable. For example, a tenant reports a service issue, and we open a ticket. Someone goes and looks at it and emails a photo that gets attached to a note. After some discussion in the note thread, the appropriate service provider develops a repair proposal that is posted to smartQ by attaching it to a note. The manager reviews the proposal and note thread and can post the signed and accepted proposal to the note thread.​ Everyone on the team has access to all of this and can weigh in with a comment or suggestion. This facility has made our process much more collaborative, efficient and effective.​

The email notification of ticket status and comments is used on a daily basis. We meet weekly to review the two main boards we use and to discuss ticket status.​ Our dispatcher keeps it open all the time to track status and keep the team informed about progress.

We continually evaluate adding key service providers to the system...

Nathan Philips
Nathan Philips
W&G Management

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