smartQ - workflow visualization, agile project management, task tracking and team collaboration app smartQ is a visual board for managing your workflow. Keep track of your tasks, check the progress and share notes & files with your team - all in one secure location.
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A new way to manage your tasks!


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smartQ is an agile project management tool built around a visual task board.

It allows you to easily distribute work, track its progress and collaborate with your team online. smartQ can track tasks, issues, tickets - it is customizable to fit any workflow.

Get your team on the same page board! [ watch the 2-minute Video Introduction ]

Your tasks in the Cloud

Share tasks with your team online and access them from anywhere

Share Notes and Files

Store all team communication and files in one central location

Tickets by Email or Form

Submit tickets by email, external form and even from non-registered users

Customize your Workflow

Help Desk, Issue Management, Task Tracking - smartQ can fit any scenario

Customize your Ticket fields

Add custom ticket fields with Ticket Form Designer

Customize Project Roles

Customize the security and even add new custom project roles

Move your whiteboard online

Already using a project whiteboard with markers and paper stickers? With smartQ you can move it online:
  • access from anywhere
  • store all the notes, files and history
  • run reports and measure performance
  • search, filter, email notifications and more!
  • ... plus the cleaning lady can not get to it

Want to know how smartQ can fit your team?

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SmartQ approach

Unlike other project management software built around task lists, smartQ offers an innovative Project Board view (also called Kanban) for better work flow visualization. It is ideal for ticket tracking.

A Project Board makes resource management easier - allowing a lean approach to project management.

What is Kanban?

Kanban was initially developed by Toyota in the 1940s as part of their Lean Production system. Today Kanban is widely used in agile software development and is getting popular in other areas.

smartQ is an online Kanban app for the rest of us - it can be customized to be used in any organization and adjusted to fit any process.

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